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Ladies and gentlemen!

Kanise OY , the real member of Estonian Chamber of commerce and industry, works on the medical market since February 1992.
We offer to our customers in Estonia surgical tools, medical equipments and the nurse means.

Kanise OÜ (reg.no. 10049993) 
Orders: +372 64 64 593 
Stock address: Liivalaia 30, Tallinn 10118 
Mail address: Pojengi tee 43, Tallinn 11913 

Kanise OY is the official representative and dealer

Rainer Krönauer (Germany) www.rk-instrumente.de -surgical tools
SMP Cardio (Heljestrand, Sweden) www.smpcardio.se - high quality surgical tools
Swann-Morton (England) www.swann-morton.com - high quality surgical blades and handles
Rocialle (England) - sterile dressing packs, materials and tools
Cex Internacional (Spain) www.cexint.com – Actual 4U condoms and Ecofunda USG probe covers
Erilens (Czech republic) www.erilens.cz – Crutches and stickes, rubber adjutages
OLKO (Latvia) – Medical gauze and rubber nurse means
Gumteras (Lithuania) www.gumteras.lt – Elastic bandages and support belts

The long-term cooperation with a number of corporations from Baltic countries, Scandinavia, Central Europe and Russia gives us a capability to satisfy growing necessities of the customers.
We are always glad to get a new contacts and are ready to consider any serious proposals.
Do not hesitate to ask for further information.